Holding Items

EBM will hold an unpaid-for item for 24 hours only. Items that have been paid for can be held at the store for up to 7 days.  Any items left longer will be put in storage and there will be a fee to retrieve them.  Any item left longer than 30 days is considered abandoned and will be returned to the ownership of EBM.


Clothing, shoes, and cut fabric are all final sale.  Other items purchased in the store are returnable within 7 days of purchase with a receipt for store credit.  Please note that all items are sold "As Is" as they are second hand. It is important to closely inspect everything before purchase.


Rentals for events are 20% of the cost of the item per week. You will pay up front for the items in full and the difference will be given back to you. Any items not returned within 4 weeks will be considered purchased by you and you will not get a refund.  If an item is brought back damaged you will be responsible for the full payment.