Got StuFF?

We get inquiries every day from folks wondering what to do with all their STUFF!

PLEASE: do not bring your stuff in to the store! Read on for more info...


Will you buy my old stuff?

Currently we are not adding to our collection.  Feel free to  email a photo and a description to We will keep your items in mind for when we start acquiring again.  We will contact you if we are interested in your item.

Things We Might Like: mid-century furniture; glassware; vintage jewelry in great condition; vintage clothing in excellent condition.

Things We DON'T Want: dark furniture; knick-knacks, trinkets, or figurines; china or dishware (unless it's Dansk or mid-century); linens.


Do you consign?



Grandma ditched us, moved to Paris, and left ALL her stuff in the house. Do you buy entire lots?

We do not buy whole estates or lots, but we might want to come cherry pick! We also know folks who do purchase whole estates, and might be able to point you in the right direction, so feel free to send us photos and descriptions:


Can I just bring you my stuff?

NO. We do not make purchases in the shop. If you have items you'd like to sell, please email us photos and descriptions at  This is no guarantee that we will purchase.. As noted above we are full to the brim and not buying anything at the moment.


If you're not interested in my stuff, where else can I try?

Here are some of our local friends:

Consign & Design - furniture consignment

Barn Sale - consignment and thrift shop

Consignment Originals - clothing consignment

Fashionista Vintage & Variety - vintage clothing