Windows @ EBM

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We have always had amazing response from passers by about our window displays.  I am going to try to dig through the piles of photos I have to gather as many photos of the windows @ EBM over the past 8 years... Feel free to contribute if you to a snap shot or two of your favorite.  I will start with our current window.  Installed by Brittany Solem, an amazingly creative designer, who spares a few minutes of her busy schedule to create magic on Chapel Street.  The bones of the window were donefor the dreary days leading up to Halloween.   Adding color and Thanksgiving bounty will take us through November... Keep your eyes peeled for the Holiday window to come.

November Window @ EBM

Dressing the Holiday Table

by English Building Markets

Earlier this summer I went a little crazy at an estate sale of women who was an antique linen dealer.  I bought tubs and tubs of linens.  Slowly but surely they are being soaked, washed pressed, bundled and put out on the shelves.  Well the push is on to get as many as possible out in time for the up coming holidays…Please come by and take a look and if you see something here, feel free to call and inquire.  Many have also  been listed in our Etsy shop.

All That Glitters

by English Building Markets

I have become just a little obsessed with vintage jewelry, especially the glitzy shiny pieces.  I'm gaining a bit of an education about nomenclature, style and the like but I still think a photo is worth a thousand words.

We are already getting ready for Back to School

by English Building Markets

I don't know if I'm anticipating students coming back to town and filling their apartments full of Vintage finds, or I'm just a shopaholic and can't pass up a good deal when I see it.  I have just purchased two houses full of Mid Century Furniture which will hit the floor this week.  Loads of dressers, dining tables and chairs, living room furniture and more.